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Why Visa Express?

Where can I get this professional Immigration law Advice?

The New Zealand law stipulates that any person who advises you regarding immigration must have a license from the
Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) or New Zealand Immigration Lawyer authorised to do so. This is not only within the country but also those
operating from other countries from which the student comes.

The only other persons/institutions allowed to give professional immigration advice include Immigration New Zealand,
Lawyers, Citizens Advice Bureau and Community Law Centre. No other persons apart from the above mentioned should
give immigration advice.

The level of guidance offered and the costs vary between these persons and institutions, so it would be good to
compare. Immigration New Zealand lawyer must possess and portray a standard code of conduct, as specified in the law. The four most
important values are:

• They must carry themselves professionally and be respectful to the interested immigrants
• They must enter into a contract with you, specifying all the services they will provide you and at what cost.
• They must consistently communicate with you and regularly update you on any changes or developments.
• They must not over charge you for the services they offer.


Immigration Advice for International Students

Students intending to migrate to New Zealand for further studies would normally ask for certain details or need
clarifications before they decide. This is normally accompanied with slight confusion and sometimes difficult because it’s
like a whole new game whose rules you never knew but you must learn. Advisors are many out there, some with mean
intentions of misleading or getting students into traps for their own benefit. For this reason, it is advised to seek
professional advice to both advise you and walk you through the whole process of immigration.


How much do Advisors charge?

As earlier said, the cost of these immigration advisers varies, but the most important thing is that they should be fair
enough. The range of services also varies from one to the other. The more experienced the advisor is, the more he will
charge you. The cost will also be determined by how complex the application is. If it is an application that needs to
process urgently, you’ll have to part with additional cost. If you make your application within New Zealand, the costs will
be different from the person who applies from India, China or some distant Country like Brazil. With all these factors,
just ensure that the rate falls within the prevailing market rate. These can be looked up on the web, especially the
authoritative sites

The type of license that an immigration advisor holds will determine the extent of services they can offer you.
Immigration New Zealand offers three types of licenses

• A full license enables the adviser to give you guidance on virtually all immigration matters.
• A provisional license equally allows the expert to advise you on all immigration matters but only under the supervision
of a full license holder.
• A limited license holder provides advice only on some specific immigration issues.
What if I used unlicensed advisors? This comes with its own risks that you should avoid at all costs. The lure of cheap
advisory services should not convince you to use such. Three major risks associated with such advisors include: –
Immigration New Zealand will return your visa application because it does not accept applications from those acting
against the law.
• Due to the lack of immigration skills, your application will have a high probability of decline.


Phone Number +64 027 523 8090

Mr. Arvind Pednekar is a Licensed Immigration Advisor (License Number 201400231) and an Enrolled Barrister and Solicitor at the High Court in New Zealand with over 7 years of immigration experience.

Indicators of Unlicensed Advisors

The immigration New Zealand maintains a list of licensed advisors on its websites. However, if you choose to use other legal advisors such as lawyers, you will still need to use your judgment to weigh their professionalism. First and foremost, someone who would refuse to put their name on you Visa application must be hiding his identity for some illegality reasons. These also normally claim to have connections at Immigration New Zealand, which might fast track your application. They also focus on the signature part of the form, without clearly explaining to you how to fill the form. They may even fill blanks to their own convenience. Also, check out rude personalities and hideous characters.

What services do licensed advisors offer?

Basically, a licensed adviser will step by step help you explore the available visa options so that you can choose the best. Going with your choice, they prepare the visa application and follows it up till your request is accepted. They then help you settle in the new country and make sure you are comfortable. In case your visa is declined, the advisor will go ahead to appeal to you. And if you happened to have moved to New Zealand illegally, they will help you find the right way out.

Getting into the institutions

The learning institution must first confirm that you have legally migrated into the country. Also, it is a general requirement to pay the full tuition fees for your first year after getting Approval in Principle (AIP) form outside of New Zealand.
It would be good to note that most international students are not beneficiaries of government funded health care. You will be required to settle any medical bills you incur while in the country. One mandatory thing is the medical and travel insurance cover. The institution must have all these details so that they are able to act accordingly in the event of a predicament. Medical screening for Tuberculosis is also mandatory for New Zealand immigrants. This is especially for those planning to stay for more than six months.